FastHero is a gamified intermittent fasting app that turns your protocol into fun and motivating weekly missions. For every hour you fast, you earn an Energy Block. Earn enough Energy Blocks to save a Tower. Save enough Towers and you could save an entire City.
The brief
Bill Roth approached us in May 2019 to build the FastHero app for iOS. In recent years, Bill experienced first-hand the overwhelmingly positive effects of intermittent fasting. It's a fast-growing trend across the US and around the world, however he realised it could still often be dull, demotivating and difficult to remain disciplined.
Our approach
We collaborated with an independent designer and illustrator to produce one of the most visually-stunning apps we have ever worked on. The founder was based in Denver, USA, the designer and illustrator was based in Zagreb, Croatia, and we were based in London—it was truly a global team effort, spanning several timezones.